Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Water Forest: Replanted

Crews began work today reinstalling Water Forest, a public art piece by Howard Ben Tre', in its native habitat at the Esplanade plaza in front of the Museum of Glass. The renewed art piece features safety and stability improvements, and by July 1, the water should again flow from the unique glass-like and bronze cylinders.

The newly engineered cylinders are made of acrylic instead of Pyrex® glass. And each of the 20 cylinders includes four stainless steel rods that connect the acrylic tube with its bronze base. In the previous version, the two pieces were glued together. Each cylinder will be bolted to the ground rather than welded.

The City hired Seattle-based Pinwheel Corporation to reengineer and fabricate the refurbished piece. City Public Works crews will complete the installation within a couple of days and will fine tune the electrical, fiber optic and water systems throughout June. For more information, contact amcbride@cityoftacoma.org.